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​Incentives and Tax Credits for installing insulation

Both the Federal Government and local utility companies have provided incentives to better insulate your home. Check with your local utility company about their programs that will allow you to insulate your home and receive even more benefits than “just” savings on your monthly bills. Due to ever changing legislation please follow this link http://www.energystar.gov/ to the Department of Energy to find out what opportunities are currently available.

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Cellulose Insulation is one of the greenest building products available today.

It's made from recycled newspaper and takes less energy to make than any other insulating product. It has a boric acid that helps prevent bugs, but is still safe to humans. Fiberglass takes 10 times more energy to produce and has well-documented public health threats.

Below is a phone book ad picture of Hap's daughter (then age 1) eating Happy Home Insulation's cellulose insulation that was sent in to the Tonight Show.                  

                                            * Jay Leno says "Choose the safe insulation!" *

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                             ​ Cellulose Insulation truely is the "Greenest of the Green!"

Cellulose Insulation:

Greenest of the Green!

Why Insulate?

Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Heat moves into, out of and through your home in four ways: by conduction (which

R-Value measures), and by convection, radiation and air infiltration (none of which

R-Value measures). A superior insulation system will have a high R-Value (prevent heat transfer via conduction), will be pneumatically or spray applied, fully filling the building cavity (preventing heat loss via convection), and will be densely packed (preventing heat loss via air infiltration and radiation). Cellulose insulation meets all four of these critical performance criteria! By comparison, the most widely used insulation material, conventional fiberglass batts, only helps prevent conduction.

CLICK HERE to visit the CIMA website to find out more about Cellulose Insulation.