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We know air movement is the biggest culpret in residential energy conservation.

Make your home snug & tight with a systems approach- stop the heat at the shortest path, making the minimum turns & therefore the least leaky junctions.

Happy Home Insulation has extensive experience (over 30 yrs & another 20 as the Partridge Family Enterprises) & training with applying Energystar Standards & Energykey Homes.

Foam Insulation's best attributes are foam itself is a sealant that seals air infiltration & it bonds to almost anything, allowing it to be used in difficult areas to connect all of the parts of the envelope in a monolithic seal!

​​Foam also has other great benefits:

•True R-value- it fills the gaps & voids, & air doesn't kill the R-value like it does in fiberglass insulation

•Less Moisture- air movement is the biggest transfer mechanism for moisture movement- so sealing air also retards moisture. Also, foam can be a vapor barrier

•Less Mold Problems- because there is less moisture there is less mold & fungus

•Saves on Energy Costs- less moisture also reduces A/C costs

•Downsizing of A/C Systems- by up to 25-40% is an upfront savings & is much more efficient to run

Foam Insulation, like many things, is no better than the quality of its installation!

Happy Home Insulation is committed to the QUALITY of our work & this standard gives you the savings & other benefits.

Happy Home Insulation has thousands of satisfied customers in the Mobile area- many of these were referrals.

Note: Sealed attic w/ R-19 foam on roofline is only 8% better at cooling than control house w/ R-19 cellulose in ceiling, yet cost 3 times as much (only if ducts are leaky)

Source: FL Solar Energy

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​Foam Insulation

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