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​The “SATAC” Commercial Building Cellulose Insulation System

The “SATAC” Spray-on Cellulose System is specifically designed for commercial building applications and provides a durable, long-lasting interior finish.  Made from organic wood fibers, which are hollow, elastic and energy absorbing.  These fibers are chemically treated to provide resistance against fire, mold, mildew and fungus and contains no asbestos, glass fibers, sulfates or formaldhyde.  “SATAC” is non-toxic and non-corrosive and is suitable for wood, concrete or metal buildings. It permanently bonds to the substrate forming a monolithic seal that virtually eliminates air infiltration. This thermal barrier helps control condensation and improves the accoustical environment of the structure.  The "SATAC" systems creates a complete building envelope, resulting in high thermal performance, while enhancing the value of the building with its attractive, seamless and energy efficient finish. 

Fire Protection

“SATAC” is manufactured using an all borate fire retardant which is integrated within the recycled wood fibers. “SATAC” is noncombustible and will not allow heat to penetrate through it. This Class 1 Building material meets all test requirements for ASTM C-1149 Type II, Standard Specification for Self-Supported Spray Applied Cellulosic Thermal Material Insulation. This specific test allows the material to remain exposed. NOTE: Cellulose insulation specified for residential applications do not meet this standard.

Thermal Performance

The “SATAC” System is applied in a continuous flow directly to the surface and creates a monolithic seal. This unique application stops air infiltration by sealing voids, seams, cracks, and other structural irregularities. Traditional insulation is manufactured in prefabricated sizes creating voids or compressions when installed. They can allow air to infiltrate the structure. The seamless and energy efficient finish that “SATAC” creates allows the insulation to perform to its maximum thermal efficiency and ultimately saves money on heating and cooling costs.

Condensation Control

When hot, humid air comes in contact with a colder surface, condensation forms. Moisture development can also reduce thermal efficiency of the insulation. The monolithic seal the “SATAC” System creates forms a thermal barrier that reduces the likelihood of moisture development and maintains maximum thermal efficiency.

Acoustical Control

The “SATAC” System forms a sound barrier by sealing off potential sound transmission points. Its resilient fibers naturally absorb sound energy and reduce reverberations, resulting in excellent STC (Sound Transmission Class) and NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ratings. The “SATAC” System creates an improved acoustical environment for applications ranging from theaters, auditoriums and television/sound studios as well as manufacturing environments.

There are five (5) standard colors available: White, Off-White, Oyster, Tan or Gray.  Other colors available upon request.

CLICK HERE to visit the CIMA website to find out more about Cellulose Insulation.

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