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Call Today for your FREE Energy Audit by a Certified H.E.R.S.  or Energykey Trained Auditor or Energy Rater!                              Contact Us For the Best Prices on Cellulose Insulation, Foil Insulation & Foam Insulation on the Gulf Coast!                                 With Over 45 Years Experience - We Are Your Local Insulation Experts!  Call Us Today!                             

The Partridge Family has

Thousands of Happy customers
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Benefits of Insulating
  • Save Money 30-50% 
  • Eliminate Cold Drafts
  • Promote a Healthy Home
  • Combat Unhealthy Moisture
  • Reduce Street Noise

Do a Comprehensive Energy Upgrade

Don't Leave The Job Undone!

Hap Partridge 

  • 1st construction experience was on the roof of The Partridge Home at 4 years old.
  • Grew up experiencing the perfection of Alton (Dad) in all phases of construction projects.
  • Attended U of South Ala working construction jobs for tuition until completion of degree in Business Management.
  • Started Happy Home Foamers w/ Dad in 1977
  • Evolved to Happy Home Insulation
  • Trained as H.E.R.S. EnergyRater & Building Performance Institute Analyst / Envelope Specialist.                                                                       " I get a huge thrill seeing long time clients & discovering their great results!

Peter Partridge 

  • Grew up enjoying the world of Happy Home helping after school & weekends.
  • Worked homes shows in early teens educating potential clients.
  • Developed the nack for unique solutions in many areas.
  • At 17 joined the Army & served in the regular Army & Guard for 8 years.
  • Then joined w. Hap (Dad) to run Happy Home  at age 23.                                                                             Now is very proficient at energy audits & solving a wide variety of Home Performance problems! 

  • Leah Partridge (at 1 year) demonstrating our Cellulose insulation is safe. For many years we have used this picture in our Yellow Page ads.
  • Jay Leno used the Yellow Page ad on the Tonight Show making Leah a celebrity at Fairhope High School ! 
  • Leah worked for Happy Home during high school & college. She originally developed this website; designed marketing literature;& other office work.
  • After graduating from U of South Ala she does commercial appraising, 

The Story of Happy Home!

    - by The Partridge Family

Matthew Partridge

  • Grew up helping w/ various duties in the business.
  • when told he could dig ditches or go to college- He earned degree in Computer Science from U of South Ala,
  • and is now designing programs w/Pilot Catastrophe.

Happy Home was created by Hap & Alton (Dad) Partridge in 1977

Alton Partridge 

  • Learned conservation principles as a Depression era baby.
  • Eagle Scout
  • Scoutmaster
  • Studied Engineering Principles @ U of Ala Mobile Extention
  • Volunteered For The Navy in WW 2
  • Worked for The Air Force as quaiity control 
  • Shown (in picture) - Interview w/ Better Business Bureau' s Bob Kirby

Mom- Best Nurse

Margaret Loves Her Patients!