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  • Save Money 30-50% 
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  • Promote a Healthy Home
  • Combat Unhealthy Moisture
  • Reduce Street Noise

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​​What Some Happy Home Customers are saying:

A few Google Reviews:

Anna H

couple weeks ago​

I had two friends use them(HHI) and say that they were pleased. Upon looking at their positive google reviews I decided to go ahead and I'm glad I did. They came and installed an attic tent and blew "cellulose" all over. Not only is my home MUCH more comfortable but my bill has significantly shrank since. I would recommend them to anyone with dust or temperature problems.


​Keven Shaw

a month ago

We had Happy Home Insulation insulate our home and attic. They were very courteous and prompt. They took the time to seal gaps and voids with foam and put a layer of cellulose in the attic. Our utility bills dropped dramatically! The sound deadening was also amazing, we could barely hear outside noise. Our 100 year old house, with 6000SF, has an electric bill that now usually runs about $140 and only hits $300 in late August or February. That's with all electric air conditioning (no gas heat). We stay comfortable with 12' ceilings; summer and winter. I strongly recommend having Happy come give you an estimate or an energy audit. You will save dramatically on your utility bills and be more comfortable in your home!


Austin Yessick

7 months ago

We acted on the recommendation that Hap made. We had Happy Home air seal our attic, seal the ducts, insulate the folding stairway and blow cellulose insulation into the attic. We almost immediately saw a difference not only in the comfort of our home but also in our power bill. The work done was definitely worth the time and investment involved.​​

A Google User

3 years ago

Since having cellulose insulation installed in our home - our utility bills are a lot lower! I can tell our air conditioning unit doesn't have to run as often or as long and our home stays nice and cool. At night I hear it click on and off only a few times where as before it ran almost constantly on these hot summer nights. Thank you so much for doing such a good job for us - the insulation is doing what u promised - saving us money and keeping our home comfortable.

A Google User

4 years ago

We had our attic insulation removed and new Cellulose Insulation installed.Our home is now much more energy efficent and smells a lot better.The Happy Home people were nice and very quick.We feel like we got a great deal !​​

Customer Comments​​​​

​​​Friday, February 10, 2012

​​We bought a home built in 1899 and could see our own breath inside the first month we were in it.   It was freezing in there. So we had storm window installed. That helped a little but not enough.   So, we had Happy Home Insulation blow foam at the joints, install foil bubble wrap under our house, blow cellulose in the attic, and install a zipper thing at the entrance into the attic. Oh my goodness, it's like we live in a different house. We did a lot of work on the house to make it "livable to us." I dare to say that insulating the home was the one thing that we did to the house that has made the "daily difference" for the better.  Truly, there are mornings that I wake up, without the heat running in my house, and get dressed for work (without first stepping outside).  It isn't until I leave for work that I realize I should have dressed a little warmer. It's cold outside and I didn't know it.  Conversely, if it is cold in the house, I run the heat for 5-10 minutes, just to get the chill out. The house holds the temperature for an extended period, so we don't have to run the heat all day/night.   Thanks HAP!   We couldn't be any happier with your fair quote, the work performed, your professionalism, and follow-through!   -M. Rankin

​​March, 2013

​Hap I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the great job you did for me last year in upgrading my insulation and making my home more energy efficient. I have easily recovered my investment over the last year from the reduction in my power bill. Keep up the good work! -Ercil E Godwin, PLS Sawgrass Consulting​​

​​In record cold winter of 2014 " You installed R-30 cellulose in my attic; sealed my duct leaks; and installed an insulated cover on my stairway February 11 and my bill was still $50 lower than January." in a 1200 sq. ft house  -Mr. Purvis


​​My house stayed cool in the summer!      - E. Porter​​​​

Thanks for installing our floor insulation.  Since the installation, we have noticed that the floors are warmer and outside noises are not as loud.  The most interesting difference, however, is that we no longer get smoke in our house when our neighbor uses his chiminea.  Almost every time he used his chimea, smoke blew under the house and we got a very significant smokey odor in the house.  Sometimes it was so heavy, he had respiratory problems.  Now, when he uses his chimea, we barely smell it.  We are very happy with the result.

Thank you so much for making my house feel like a home!!!!  After you installed the insulation in the wall and floor of my house it's so much quieter and pleasant to be inside.  What's so funny is my original reason for implementing the insulation was to decrease my energy cost, but I've received so much more benefit...  Thanks again  -R. Asher​​​​

​​I've been planning on getting some insulation added to my attic for years.  My house was built in the early 50's and there was only a couple of inches up there.  My power bill at the hottest part of the summer last year was around $420.  After Hap and his crew from Happy Home Insulation came out and added an additional R30 my power bill during the same part of the year was only $240.  I knew I would see a savings bit I did not expect that much.  Cheers and God Bless!!!  -W. Starling


Thank you fo the nice job you guys did at my home... - T. Chisolm,  Zito Russell Architects, P.C.

​​I just received my first full month power bill and wanted to let you know that it was $112 less than last month and it had about a week of post insulation in it.  I am a happy home owner.  I figure it will take less than 10 months to pay for the insulation.  -L. Chateau,  Chateau Wood Works


Since you installed the insulation in the attic, we have seen a big difference in maintaining the inside temperature.  Even with a house full of guests, the temperature stayed a comfortable 72 degrees.  Your installers were very professional and courteous.  We are very satisfied, and will recommend your business to others.  Thank you very much!  -T. McElroy​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​"It's heaven!  It stopped the drafts."  


​​Gas bill dropped from $680 January 2010 to $320 February 2010.​​​​


​Thu, August 26, 2010

Mr. Partridge,  just a note to let you know what a great crew you have on your staff.  It was a pleasure to see them work and to have them in my home.  They are very dedicated... Thanks for such a great job.  I am looking forward to lower power bills.  -R. Farnell​​​​​​

​Wed, September 1, 2010

​​Dear Happy Homes Improvements (Hap), I recently installed one of your flexible attic covers according to your instructions and boy did it make a difference! Before the installation, I could actually feel the heat pushing down through the opening of my attic pull-down stairway. After the installation there was little, if any heat passing through that opening. I would strongly recommend to anyone that has a standard attic pull-down to contact Happy Homes Improvement for your installation today. Thank you so much for the useful gift. It's one of those things that will just keep on giving. J. D. Thomas, CGR, CGB, CAPS, CGP, President - TCM Remodelors, Inc. ​

​​​Sun, August 8, 2010

​Dear Hap, thank you for the great job your team performed on re-insulating our attic. They were hard working, efficient and courteous. I applaud them doubly because it was a very hot day! Thanks also for the receipt for tax credit! I had forgotten about it. I know I was not the easiest customer you've ever had but in the world of "Home Improvement" there's a need for "staying on one's toes." Good to know of your company and I will recommend you to others. ​Sincerely, -W. LeVert, Fairhope, AL


​​​​​​​I spoke with Mrs. Webster of Grand Bay today and she was telling me that we installed cellulose insulation in her 3000 square foot home in 1992 and her power bill (11 years later) is still less than $150 per month.  Another thing she was happy with is the fact of no bugs.  She stated that they recommend cellulose to any friends and family that need insulation because of the great results they have had with it.  -P. Pittman​​


Boy was my builder wrong!  And, I admit I sure felt skeptical.  But you see i checked out the evidence.  Sounds corny.  I saw the independent data, and the specific results, plus my friend Jeff Hudson, Architect, used Happy Homes.  I was sold.  I recommend anyone building to call Happy Homes in the early stages of construction - they gave me some key tips for making our home much more energy efficient and healthier.  In face our electrical bill for June 2003 was only $112 total for 3400 square feet of cooling.  I feel like I saved at least $1000 to $1500 in the last 12 months (over the conventional insulation).  That will more than pay for our investment and put many thousands in our pockets in the years to come.  P.S.  We have noticed very few roaches, that's another savings

​​One 2100 square foot home in Alabama (insulated by Happy Home Insulation) with an average energy bill of $67 per month.​​​​​​​   -Home Energy Magazine, Cover Story

​​4200 square foot house insulated by Happy Home Insulation -  "Highest electric bill was only $200.00... and the neighbors next door with a smaller house have had bills of $300-400.​"  -J. Kenny, Builder of 2000 HBA Showcase Home​​​


​"Before you guys came my typical bill was around $200, since you air sealed and insulated our highest bill has been $160!" in a four year old house.  "I like my attic tent a lot I have shown several of my friends"   -Caleb


​​"We saved over $600 that next summer!" - J. Harper

We had our attic insulation removed and new Cellulose Insulation installed.  Our home is now much more energy efficient and smells a lot better.  The Happy Home people were nice and very quick.  We feel like we got a great deal.

​​I saved $42 on my power bill!  Happy Home Insulation top-coated my attic in my 3 year old home in December of 2010.  Next month my power bill was $42.00 lower than the month before - what a huge difference the cellulose insulation has made in my home.  I would recommend these guys to anyone.  Great service and affordable price.  Price range: $1,000 - $1,500.


​​​​Hi Happy Thank you so much for making my house feel like a home!!!! After you installed the insulation in the wall and floor of my house it's so much quieter and pleasant to be inside. What's so funny is my original reason for implementing the insulation was to decrease my energy cost, but I've received so much more benefit. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!  ​Thanks again -Romie


​​Chuck, Thank you for the nice job you guys did at my home.  - Thomas V. Chisholm ZITO  RUSSELL ARCHITECTS, P.C

Tue, July 14, 2009

Since you installed the insulation in the attic, we have seen a big difference in maintaining the inside temperature. Even with a house full of guests, the temperature stayed a comfortable 72 degrees. Your installers were very professional and courteous. We are very satisfied, and will recommend your business to others. Thank you very much! ​Sincerely -Joan

​​We welcome any feedback from our customers.  It lets us know how we are doing and that we have made another customer a Happy Home Owner.  If you have any comments please send us an email, use the Contact Us page, or give us a call  (251) 438-4814.