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Benefits of Insulating
  • Save Money 30-50% 
  • Eliminate Cold Drafts
  • Promote a Healthy Home
  • Combat Unhealthy Moisture
  • Reduce Street Noise

Do a Comprehensive Energy Upgrade

Don't Leave The Job Undone!

Fire Safety

Cellulose Insulation is treated with a fire retardent that has been proven to have an effective 1 hr fire rating. In most cases it is the smoke that cause injury, rather than flames. Cellulose decreases the amount of smoke produced; decreasing the chance of personal injury and possible death.

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Incentives and Tax Credits for installing insulation

Both the Federal Government and local utility companies have provided incentives to better insulate your home. Check with your local utility company about their programs that will allow you to insulate your home and receive even more benefits than “just” savings on your monthly bills. Due to ever changing legislation please follow this link http://www.energystar.gov/ to the Department of Energy to find out what opportunities are currently available.

About Cellulose  R-Value  Soundproofing     Fire Safety      Mold Retardant

Cellulose Insulation: "No signs of flashover were observed after 15 minutes. Smoke and charring were limited to the first two stud cavities. No insulation fell from any of the cavities during the tests."

Foam Insulation: "The speciman ignited at 9 seconds and flames reached the ceiling at 20 seconds. Heavy black smoke appeared and flashover occurred after 44 seconds."

Happy Home Insulation has proven it really can stop a fire!

Imagine how much safer your family would be!

Happy Home's own office catches fire.

2nd floor ceiling joist that were covered w/ Happy Home's cellulose insulation were still intact.

Cellulose insulation that is still intact after fire in walls (this was blown in dry thru small holes drilled in siding)

Rebuilt 1 year later

  Fire Rating It's Important !