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Commercial Cellulose Insulation System

The “SATAC” Spray-on Cellulose System is specifically designed for commercial building applications and provides a durable, long-lasting interior finish.  Made from organic wood fibers, which are hollow, elastic and energy absorbing.  These fibers are chemically treated to provide resistance against fire, mold, mildew and fungus and contains no asbestos, glass fibers, sulfates or formaldhyde.  “SATAC” is non-toxic and non-corrosive and is suitable for wood, concrete or metal buildings. It permanently bonds to the substrate forming a monolithic seal that virtually eliminates air infiltration. This thermal barrier helps control condensation and improves the accoustical environment of the structure.  The "SATAC" systems creates a complete building envelope, resulting in high thermal performance, while enhancing the value of the building with its attractive, seamless and energy efficient finish. 

Commercial Reflective Bubble Insulation System

The Retroshield System is a perfect solution for insulating both new and existing metal buildings.   The cost effective patented system combines a strong durable reflective bubble insulation with a clip and pin system for a comfortable and energy efficient building.  The Retroshield System offers a convienient process to add value and beauty to your metal structure while improving energy efficiency, thermal performance, lighting, accoustics, and appearance in one simple solution.

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